St.Philomenas Hospital

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No. 1, Mother Theresa Road, Bangalore - 560047
080-40164300, 40164433

St. Philomena’s Hospital is managed by the Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (JMJ), a Registered Society under the Charitable Societies Registration Act. The Society was founded in the Netherlands in 1822 by the Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff S.J., and was established in India in 1904. St.Philomena’s Hospital was founded in 1937. Sr. Dr. Mary Veronica Pitt (JMJ), an Australian by birth and a qualified Gynecologist, became the pioneer of this Institution. She devoted all her time, energy and talent to attend to their needs. From a humble beginning as a two-bed maternity center, the Institution has grown impressively into a three hundred and seventy-five bed (375) Hospital with expertise in several major medical specialties. Sr.Dr.Veronica also started Midwifery training for the underprivileged girls of the locality in 1951 and later in 1965 this developed in to Auxiliary Nurses Midwifery training Centre. In 1983 General Nursing was introduced.

In 2000 BSc Nursing was added. In 2009 MSc Nursing is started. St.Philomena’s Hospital today is a Multispecialty centre with modern facilities and has grown to be a Post Graduate Training Centre fulfilling the requirements for Accreditation by the Royal College of OBG in UK and Diplomat of the National Board (DNB), New Delhi in India.