Delhi Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children

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The Delhi Society for the Welfare of Special Children (DSWSC) Okhla Centre (Opposite Holy Family Hospital) Okhla Marg New Delhi 110 025
2631 0979

The Delhi Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children was registered in the year 1965. This is a voluntary organization registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES • To promote the welfare and ensure training and education of special children of all ages. • To undertake and encourage scientific and other research work related to mental retardation and to promote ameliorative and preventive measures. • To help and advise parents and friends of special children and to foster mutual help between them. • To gather and disseminate information on mental retardation and to collect all books and literature on the subject and to maintain a library open to the public. • To develop better understanding of problems of mental retardation by the public. • To maintain a record of the mentally retarded in the Delhi area so as to facilitate promotion of training and education programmes. • To cooperate with public, private and religious agencies and professional groups and organizations in the furtherance of these ends. • To encourage and help the formation of similar societies for the welfare of the mentally retarded and to cooperate with those that already exist; and to affiliate, associate or cooperate with the Societies of the Federation having similar objects. • Undertake such activities that may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects. • Focus projects such as setting up Day Care Centres, Day Schools, Boarding Schools, Diagnostic Clinics, Rehabilitation Clubs, Vocational Training Centres, Pre-Vocational Training Centres, Holiday Homes, Canteens and similar institutions for the rehabilitation of the mentally retarded. • To promote sports and cultural activities among the disabled and take part in National and International meets/competitions.